Our Mission


The Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival Ministry is dedicated, through Orthodox Christian Fellowship and committed leadership, to promoting, encouraging and perpetuating the Orthodox faith, Greek heritage and culture among individuals, families and communities by expressing it through folk dance, folk art, music and language.


To bring people together in Orthodox Christian Fellowship and love, creating greater communion and stronger ties through interaction with fellow Orthodox Christians.

Provide leadership skills to perpetuate the Ministry through the practice of acquired leadership skills in the administration of this organization.

Promote ethical and moral standards befitting the life of an Orthodox Christian.

Promote, encourage and perpetuate Greek heritage and culture through outreach activities that inform others of the Ministry’s events, opportunities and commitment to its purposes and goals.

Establish and maintain an administrative body to achieve the purposes outlined in the mission statement.

It’s Not About Us, It’s About You!

It’s about you, the dancers who practice feverishly to make sure that every dance step is in sync.

It’s about you, the directors who volunteer their time to make sure their young dancers understand the balance of friendly competition and importance of their faith.

It’s about you, the singers and choral directors who express our Greek heritage and faith through beautiful song.

It’s about you, the young and seasoned volunteers who have passion for the Orthodox faith and passion for their Greek heritage.

But there is one instance where it is “about us”; when we join together to create and sustain the most vibrant Greek Orthodox Youth Program in the country.

Where it all began

Following the success of the first two Folk Dance Festivals in 1976 and 1978, on February 10, 1979, a small group of dedicated Greek Orthodox Christians became the first signatories to the original Constitution and By-Laws of the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival (FDF) and its governing body.

What follows is the pledge they made on that day:

“Let every original Signatory, (future Council Members, Advisory Board Appointees) future Sponsors and Participants keep ever inviolate the teachings and principles of Orthodoxy. That the nature of this Annual Event is for the sole and exclusive purpose of bringing our youth (and young adults) together in a spirit of Christian fellowship and love.”

Under the leadership of Metropolitan Anthony of blessed memory and Mr. Peter Preovolos and his family, FDF grew to become the largest youth ministry in the Metropolis of San Francisco.

Everyone Takes Gold

Even though FDF contains an element of competition, it should never be the highlight or become the sole purpose for coming together to participate. Medals and awards should always be viewed and used as an expression of appreciation from one dancer to another in honor of the recipient’s determination, dedication and accomplishment.

The Real Prize

The ultimate achievement to be gained is the element of sharing, teaching and love. At FDF, we never promote the idea or thought that one’s good fortune is another’s misfortune, but strive to see that all of us grow together in spirit and strength. Always seek to bring out the best of each Participant in terms of ethics, morality and character, holding high the banner of Christianity.