Annual Fund

FDF strives to further develop its programming and events so that it can reach its ultimate goal of promoting the Orthodox Faith and Greek Culture through folk dance, folk art, music and language. But this can only happen if FDF has the support of donors, attendees, sponsors and our communities. Much like your parish, FDF is a ministry and needs funding to support all the programming you have come to love over the years. It’s very expensive to execute a four day event for over 2,000 young dancers but with the help of the FDF Alumni and families, FDF can thrive for decades to come.

The FDF Endowment Fund:

The goal of the FDF Endowment Fund is simple:

Create additional funding opportunities to help grow the FDF ministry as it relates to our Orthodox faith, folk dance, folk art, music and language.

The Endowment Fund is designed to teach and promote the Orthodox faith through special workshop and symposium initiatives, scholarships to help further Greek dance education, art and music and to ultimately develop larger initiatives like a Greek Orthodox Cultural and Dance Center where our young dancers can fine tune their Greek dance skills and learn about our faith and culture.

FDF is an investment in our children’s future and it should not be looked at as a four day dance competition, but rather a life-long effort to teach and cultivate our youth as Orthodox Christians and to immerse them into our culture. The FDF Ministry is and can be one of the most powerful tools to create a future for our kids and communities that are rich in content and Orthodox fellowship.

There has been a renewed focus on the Endowment strategy and FDF is dedicated to grow that fund significantly in the coming years.
Along with your help, the FDF Endowment Fund will be supported with the following:

  • A portion of the registration and package fees
  • Support from donors
  • Fundraising events that will now happen at least once a year
  • Other sources of funding like corporate sponsors and scholarship donations