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Frequently Asked Questions:

What determines how the Competition Schedule is built?2019-07-17T23:57:18-07:00

The FDF schedule is built around the schedules of individual musicians and the amount of dance groups within each parish to ensure that shared musicians and groups from the same parish do not perform at the same time. This is why accuracy on Group Roster Forms and Performance Forms, and immediate notice of any changes are essential.

How can I order photos taken of my dance group?2019-07-17T23:54:13-07:00

To order professional photos, contact:

Brian McConville / GM Photography
Phone: 800.507.1899 • 310.390.8725


GM Photography
P.O. Box 66578
Los Angeles, CA 90066

I heard you have to be 21 to work on the management team. Is this true?2019-07-17T23:56:35-07:00

Yes. All Management Team members to be at least 21 years of age. But we always welcome volunteers and we encourage younger members to be part of our youth mentor program. For more information please email us at:

Do the judges expect live music to be included in a performance?2019-07-18T00:05:23-07:00
Live music is appreciated, but not expected.
How do you come up with the cost of the package prices?2019-07-17T23:56:11-07:00

Because of the large size of the program, we are limited to where we can host FDF. Food, facility rental costs, service fees, AV and video production, staging, etc. add up. The package price is determined by the total expenses we have to keep the program running. Natural economic costs also increase each year, and what FDF cost 10 years ago is not what equivalent to today’s environment. Considering what families pay to attend FDF weekend is very important to the FDF Board of Trustees and Leadership. We try very hard to work closely with our vendors to make sure we are getting the lowest possible price for the highest quality services.

I would like to volunteer for FDF. Who do I contact?2019-07-17T23:53:15-07:00

We welcome and appreciate volunteers. If you are interested in helping out during the FDF weekend, please email us at:

Does the inclusion of live music in a performance increase your scores?2019-07-18T00:04:51-07:00

No, live music in a performance does not impact a performance score.

Does FDF have an Endowment or Scholarship fund?2019-07-18T00:02:18-07:00

Yes. The FDF ministry works very hard to create a program that helps fund additional educational opportunities, cultural and arts initiatives through the FDF Endowment Fund. Each year, FDF solicits donations for the FDF Endowment Fund.

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