Participant Registration

  • Every attendee must register in order to take part in the weekend festivities.
  • Packages range from Full Package (With or Without Meals) to individual Day or Night Passes.
  • ALL Dancers, Choral Participants, Directors and Musicians MUST register for a Full Package (either With or Without Meals), no exceptions.
  • ALL Chaperones MUST register for a Full Package With Meals, no exceptions.
  • It is highly recommended to pre-register during the online registration period.
  • Benefits of online registration include:
    1. Save money by registering during the “Early Bird” pricing period, which features lower prices for most packages.
    2. Guarantee your spot at the Sunday Night Dinner, Awards Ceremony and Glendi.
    3. Ability to choose Parish and Group affiliation, which allows our volunteers to reserve sections large enough to accommodate all pre-registered participants
  • If you have any questions, please email