Diakonia Project

The idea of Diakonia is central to our Orthodox tradition and conveys the humble act of offering compassion and service towards others. Biblically, the early Christians could be seen offering Diakonia in the service of one another for the betterment and strengthening of the community. Many of our ancestors’ lives were characterized by the act of rolling up their sleeves, lending a hand to those in need, and giving of what little they already had to those with even less. The lives of our ancestor’s typify the beautiful truth that when you serve others, you are serving God’s people and when you serve God’s people, you are serving the Lord Himself!

As beneficiaries of this precious truth, we honor the rich cultural heritage of our forefathers and foremothers not only when we prepare the same meals which their hands prepared, or when we dance the same steps as those before us danced, but when we imitate their loving example of Diakonia every time we too come together, roll up our sleeves, stretch out our hands, and make an offering from that which the Lord has so richly blessed us with.

We enthusiastically invite every dance program to share the impact their own Diakonia project has had on their surrounding community.

There are two easy steps to tell us about your Diakonia Project:

  1. Write a short description of your group’s Diakonia project along with 2-4 group photographs from the activity (in standard camera/phone JPG FORMAT ONLY). Feel free to submit more than one!
  2. Submit your description + photos to info@yourfdf.org

Deadline: TBD

**Note: Please do not send PowerPoint slides, posters, PDF or any other format etc.**

We look forward to showcasing your inspiring and thoughtful service projects throughout FDF weekend.