FDF Categories

Group Classifications

Method of Classification
Groups will be classified by average age. The self-classification feature in the registration program is used only as a rough guideline. Every attempt is made to have an even amount of teams in each category.

Division I
Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, Senior and Advanced Senior competitive categories.

Division II
Primary, Advanced Primary, Junior and Advanced Junior competitive categories. The age limit for the Primary classification is ten (10) years of age or fourth (4th) grade.

Division III
Non-competitive classification for children whose oldest member(s) is eight (8) years of age and under. Groups will perform a non-scored, exhibition suite.

Division IV
Non-competitive classification is available for any age group. Groups with dancers younger then 21 years of age will be categorized to perform within the performance schedule and perform a 10 minute, non-scored exhibition suite. Groups with the youngest dancer being at least 21 years of age will be in the adult category and perform one non-scored, exhibition suite.

Group Eligibility
• Participants must be members in good standing of the Greek Orthodox Church.
• Dance group directors and parish priest are to enforce this rule.
• Failure to meet this standard may result in disqualification of the dance group from competition, or forfeiture of awards.