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John M. Boyer ⼁ Sing Unto the Lord a New Song
Come learn how to the chant the hymns of the Divine Liturgy in this interactive and engaging session. Participants will learn how to chant together and how pieces of the Divine Liturgy come together to
form our Church’s central service. After attending one of the sessions all participants are encouraged to join in singing the Divine Liturgy on Sunday during FDF weekend. Join us as we uplift our voices together to glorify God!

Fr. Jim Pappas & Ron Burhard ​⼁UPLIFTING Fun
Join us once again to create works of art to wear, share and enjoy!

Lefteris Sitaras⼁UPLIFT YOUR LIFE: If you are feeling overwhelmed, run down, and without hope, the Bible can lift your spirits and give you a fresh start!
Join us for an awesome workshop that will offer encouragement in your daily life and provide inspiration and strength as you cope with life’s challenges.

Anna Teodosiadis ⼁Best of Both Worlds
Miley Cyrus said it herself…or was it Hannah Montana? Either way, she truly lives the best of both worlds. What are these two worlds?? Which one would you rather be a part of? Is it a choice? Do you find yourself often living two worlds? One on Sundays and one every other day of the week? This workshop will pinpoint the challenges us Orthodox can face living in a world where no one knows we are rock-stars like Hannah Montana on the weekends. It will help guide a life where we can be Orthodox through the whole week, making sure our faith and the other aspects of our lives are complementing one another in the same world!

Cassandra Garibaldi⼁ What to be happy? Try this…
In today’s society, most of us want one thing: to be happy. What is happiness? How can we find it? Is happiness even possible in the world we live in today? Come join me as we learn how to live in a constant state happiness.

Christo Pappademos​⼁​ Who Are You??
In a world that pressures us to identify ourselves in all different kinds of ways, Christo is here to assure you there is only one identity that matters. Which identity is that?? Come find out!

Alexander Eliades ​⼁Our Life with God as Relationship
Our Life with God as Relationship–We live a busy life and it often may feel like God is not there. What does
that mean and how can we make God more present in our life? What does it mean to make God present in our life?
Born and raided in Sonoma County, Alexander attended Nativity of Christ in Novato until he started his undergraduate degree at UC Davis in History. He graduated in 2014 with a minor in Religious Studies. After spending a traveling abroad and working in San Francisco, he began seminary at seminary at Holy Cross in the Fall of 2015. He is in his 3rd year and loves it out in Boston being with his classmates and growing in Christ and His Church.

Fr. Michael⼁ #FaithGoals
The information doesn’t stop, the activities pile up, and the electronic distractions never quite end. Do you find it hard to hear God’s voice amongst the clamor of all these activities? Join us for #FaithGoals as we explore how to find authentic connection and meaning in the whirlwind of our day-to-day lives.

Fr. Timothy Pavlatos & George Pappageorge​⼁​The Psychology of True Friendship: Insights into ourselves & our relationships
This workshop is for young people interested in having healthy relationships as well as gaining insight into their own self esteem. Anxiety, addictive personalities, as well as healthy boundaries will also be discussed. (Only Saturday)

Fr. Thomas Zaferes⼁Arise to Beauty
Using the Parable of the Prodigal Son we will see that there are insights to who we are that are much
beyond the standard explanation.Yes the young man made some mistakes, the typical mistakes of
youth. But he failed in understanding his father and that led to a critical miscalculation—perhaps the
same misunderstanding we may have of God. We will explore this misunderstanding and the beauty
that awaits us.

Fr. Nebojsa Pantic​⼁​ Uplifting your soul through knowing your soul
Come join me and learn how the soul functions and exists!

Thomaida Hudanish & Fr. Photios Dumont
Your Faith Toolbox ​- (Friday) Together we’ll look at some of the most common questions asked of religious people and discuss how we can we equip ourselves with Wisdom, Love and the Holy Spirit to respond.

I Found God through Science ​– (Saturday) Often science and religion are positioned in opposition to one another, while many scientists are faithful Christians because of their love for Truth. Come learn about Fr. Photios’ journey to Christ and explore the ultimate science—being a lifelong seeker of Truth.

Fr. Timothy Pavlatos & George Pappageorge ​⼁​Raising Kids With Resiliency.
RESILIENCY: Is The ability to face challenges, manage them, overcome them, and be strengthened by them and not be defeated by the process.

Raising children is becoming more and more challenging. Our kids are faced with issues that most people never had to face even 10 years ago. One of the greatest things we can offer our children is to help them increase their resiliency. This workshop aims to help equip parents with some concepts and tools that will assisted them and helping their children become more resilient in an ever changing and ever challenging world.

Dr. Alexandros Kokkinidis ​⼁ ​The benefits of learning a second langue, especially Greek!
FDF is a significant place for the young dancers because participation here is a factor that formulates their identity. We pray the Greek Orthodox way, we enjoy Greek food, we dance and sing Greek dances at FDF, and yet we generally avoid learning how to speak Greek. Speaking multiple languages is like having stereoscopic vision and is the final step of the personality integration. Join us to examine the benefits of moving higher from the visceral and muscular to the intellectual level of education.

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