Director’s Manual


For all dance, choral, Division III and IV groups the Director’s Manual is your source of information for all rules, regulations and deadline dates every group will need to review and comply by to compete at FDF.

FDF 2022 Directors Manual for your reference: CLICK HERE

Quick Reference Guide:


Costume Form – forms and photo’s will need to be turned in onsite at the Director’s Briefing on Thursday Night. Print the PDF you receive via email (we cannot print these documents) and tape/glue/staple your photos to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper for each day and label them.


Division I Venue:

Stage Size – 44’W x 40’D x 4’H
Mics – Division I room will have 5 lavaliers each performance day. Advanced Senior will have 8 lavaliers for their Final Suite on Sunday only
– 4 hanging mics, middle front of stage (they hang from the ceiling and cannot be moved)

Division II Venue:
Stage Size – 44’W x 32’D x 2’8”H
Mics – Division II room will have 3 lavaliers each performance day


Please note that cassette tapes will no longer be accepted. We prefer you to not use a CD but provide a USB with your music in order on a USB. You should also carry a backup.

  • Audio files must be saved in MP3 FORMAT on a USB
  • You must record each set of dances for the semi-final and final rounds of competition in the correct order on separate USBS; one for semi-final round and one for final round.
  • Each Division I and Division II dance director must submit a total of four (4) USBS to the Director of Competition at the Dance Directors Briefing Thursday Night; two USBs must be submitted of the semi-final round and two USBs must be submitted of the final round.
  • Each Division III dance director must submit two (2) USBs to the Director of Competition at the Dance Director’s Briefing Thursday Night of FDF WEEKEND.


Props are defined as any non-human objects that are incorporated into performances at FDF for the purpose of aesthetics or preserving a tradition.  While the usage of props may greatly enhance a group’s presentation they can also greatly detract from the quality of a performance by distracting from the presentation of dance and song.  Before deciding to use props in your performance please consult with other experienced persons to decide if using props will improve the quality of your show.

Some groups that historically perform well at FDF use props and others do not. Using props does not correlate with placement or scoring.  When considering if and how you will use props this year please keep these guidelines in mind.

  1. The following items will be prohibited in performances for any division of FDF competition:
  • Hay or straw
  • Any particulate matter that may be strewn on the stage (rice or confetti)
  • Real food
  • Natural trees or plants that have leaves
  • Fire, anything that looks like fire, or anything which gives off the appearance of smoke
  • Live animals
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Large quantities of liquid (water will be provided backstage for performers
  1. Please be advised that no props may be constructed in the Competition rooms backstage.
  1.  Finally, due to decreased space for storage, FDF will be providing tables and chairs for both Division II and Division I groups.  These items will be selected to preserve any aesthetic qualities that would be desirable for a performance.  In addition, please be advised that:
  • Division II groups will be required to use the provided tables and chairs, if tables and chairs will be used during either round. Any other props that Division II groups might use must be portable enough so that they can be carried onto stage easily and removed from the competition room immediately after the conclusion of the performance.  There will be no space backstage for Division II prop storage.
  • Division I groups are strongly encouraged to use the provided tables and chairs to minimize the amount of storage; however, there will be room backstage for prop storage in the Division I room.  Should Division I groups choose to use additional props that cannot be carried onto stage and removed immediately from the competition room they must submit a list of their props along with other competition forms for approval.
  • No props can be over 6’ feet tall unless pre-approved by the Director of Competition.