FDF Scholarship Opportunities


FDF is dedicated to helping our young dancers of Orthodox faith and Greek dance culture to further their education. The FDF Scholarships are given to outstanding individuals that are recommended by their parish priest or dance school director and this year FDF will give eight scholarship opportunities to participants. Scholarship recipients are chosen from the letters of recommendations submitted and scholarships are awarded to highly motivated individuals that demonstrate the drive to succeed, the ambition and desire in their quest for a college education and commitment to FDF, their Church and their community. Each individual will be awarded a plaque and a check in the amount of $1,000. We encourage all parishes to submit a letter of recommendation for outstanding individuals. Parishes may recommend more than one individual, recommend as many as you deem worthy. One letter per person. Please help us give these scholarships to the students who exemplify Diakonia and Philoxenia in your parish.

The eight FDF Scholarship Awards are:

  • The Archbishop Demetrios Scholarship (sponsored by the FDF)
  • The Chris Papadimitrakis Scholarship (sponsored by the FDF)
  • The Cynthia Anderson Scholarship (sponsored by the FDF)
  • The Father Homer Demopoulos Scholarship (sponsored by the FDF)
  • The Katherine Velthoen Scholarship (sponsored by the Modesto community)
  • The Dean Phillips Scholarship (sponsored by the George Demos family)
  • The Jim Papangellin Scholarship (sponsored by the Papangellin family)
  • The Sophia Booras Scholarship (sponsored by the Papangellin family)

High School senior through junior year of College and must be attending and participating as a dancer in the current year’s FDF.

How to Apply
If you would like to be considered for one of these scholarships, notify your parish priest (or dance program advisor) and ask them to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. To make it easier you can fill out this bio sheet to submit to your parish priest or dance program advisor. All letters must be sent to the email address below.

Submission Deadline
Deadline: Bio sheets and letters need to be submitted by: December 15, 2017

How to Submit a Candidate
Submit Your Bio Sheet and Have Your Recommendation submitted to: scholarships@yourfdf.org 

Any Questions?
Contact our FDF Board of Trustees Scholarships Director Vickie Demos at:
Email: scholarships@yourfdf.org
Phone: 562-688-8315

Download Candidate Bio Sheet

Dance Apprenticeship Scholarships

Two FDF dance scholarships will be awarded and will include airfare, dance instruction and room and board in attending the seminar in Greece. The recipient will need to do the following when awarded the scholarship:

  • Take a video camera and record as much of the instruction as possible.
  • These recordings must be on good quality VHS (or DVD) format.
  • The recipient must also obtain recordings of the music presented, records, cassette tape or CD.
  • Upon return, each recipient will need to make copies of the video as well as the music and submit them to the FDF Scholarship Director, Vickie Demos. Once the video tapes and music have been submitted to the FDF and the article submitted for the OLI MAZI newsletter, the recipient will receive in turn, $250 to cover the miscellaneous expenses such as video tapes, cassette tapes, etc.

All FDF dance directors that are a member in good standing in the Greek Orthodox Church (or their parents) and that have participated in the FDF are encouraged to apply.

  • All recipients will be required to submit proof of health insurance that will cover them in Greece for the duration of the seminar.
  • All recipients will need to obtain/renew their passports.
  • Also, each recipient is required to write an article of his/her experience at the seminar for the OLI MAZI newspaper to be included for the upcoming FDF festival (Note: This can be a joint article written by both attendees).

Musical Apprenticeship Scholarships

FDF offers participants the opportunity to learn a traditional Greek folk instrument from qualified instructors.

The purpose of the musical scholarship is to continue to preserve Greek culture through learning and public playing of Greek folk music by giving deserving FDF participants the opportunity to learn a traditional Greek folk instrument from qualified musicians. The scholarship would not be successful if a recipient learned the instrument but never played with a band. The scholarship terms and conditions must stress group performance and public performance to ensure success of this scholarship.

The following factors will be considered:

  • Applicants who have demonstrated outstanding Christian fellowship in their communities.
  • Applicants who have demonstrated their commitment to the FDF program and who do not have either access to or the resources to pay qualified musicians.
  • Applicants who can make a long-term future commitment to playing traditional Greek music for their community and for the greater FDF community.

Two FDF Musical Apprenticeship scholarships will be awarded. Each applicant will identify the instrument of their choice and the Scholarship Committee will identify candidate instructors.

  • Applicants must own the instrument they wish to learn to play before lessons begin. Investment in the instrument demonstrates that the applicant is serious about learning and later playing the instrument.
  • Applicants should have some prior knowledge in instrumental music; such as school or private lessons, ability to read music, etc.
  • The scholarship funds are to be used to offset either travel expenses or teaching fees.
  • Recipients will practice with instructor’s band (if applicable) on a regular basis during the period of the scholarship.
  • Recipients will play the selections they have learned with instructor’s band (if applicable) at the FDF annual event, the FDF Symposium and any other FDF-sponsored events where instructor’s band plays during the period of the scholarship.
  • Recipient will also play with instructor’s band at non-FDF events at the discretion of the band (if applicable).
  • Recipients will play for FDF events or dance group performances gratis, only reimbursed for expenses for a period of 2 years after the scholarship apprenticeship period.
  • The Scholarship Committee and the selected mentor will determine distribution of scholarship funds.
  • A cassette tape or DVD containing the music learned and played by the recipient is required upon completion of the scholarship term, which is the next FDF Convention weekend.
  • A final payment will be made to the recipient upon submittal of the cassette tape or DVD for any out-of-pocket expenses.

Ionian Village Scholarship

The goal of Ionian Village is simple: to provide Campers and Staff with a life-transforming summer experience by bringing them closer to our Orthodox faith and exploring our rich Hellenic culture and history.

The FDF 2018 Ionian Village Scholarship is being offered to eligible participants of the 2018 Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival so that the recipients may explore their faith and heritage through the Ionian Village program. Eligible applicants must currently be in grades 8 through 12 in accordance with Ionian Village registration policy.

Two scholarships will be awarded based on review of the applicants’ essays and references. Each scholarship recipient will receive a fully-paid registration to Ionian Village 2018 Session 2 (exact dates TBA). Registration includes round trip airfare from New York’s JFK Airport to Athens, Greece as well as associated program costs. The scholarship does not cover transportation to JFK Airport at the start of the Ionian Village program.

Each scholarship recipient will be responsible for completing registration independently with the Office of Ionian Village to guarantee their space at camp and will also be asked to write an article about his or her experience at Ionian Village for the 2019 edition of FDF’s Oli Mazi.


Ionian Village Scholarship Application

Important Disclaimer
The FDF Board of Trustees does not make any claims as to the quality or value of the workshops, but feels that it is an appropriate seminar for an FDF director to attend. Since there are many Greek folk dance seminars offered in the summer, the selected seminar chosen by the FDF must be critiqued by the recipients and submitted along with the videotapes and cassettes. The recipients are required to attend the entire seminar. If the recipient cannot attend the seminar, they DO NOT have the option of sending someone else in their place. Applicants are required to sign the enclosed waiver upon submittal of the application which holds the FDF Board of Trustees, its officers and advisors, the Diocese and the Archdiocese harmless for any type of loss, injury, illness or expense arising from the scholarship. Recipients who are under the age of 21 will be required to have their parents sign the waiver as well. All FDF participants (or their parents) that are members in good standing in the Greek Orthodox Church and have participated in an FDF are eligible.

  • Psalm 150

    "Praise Him With Timbrel And Dance, Praise Him With Strings And Flute"

    -Psalm 150

  • Psalm 149:3

    "Let them praise His name with the dance; Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp."

    -Psalm 149:3

  • Psalm 30:11

    " You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness"

    -Psalm 30:11